New US ambassador to Thailand takes office

Thai-US Relations
New US ambassador to Thailand takes office

The new United States ambassador to Thailand, Glyn Townsend Davies, officially took office yesterday, almost 10 months after the post became vacant.
"This was a great first day. Looking forward to the coming weeks and discovering beautiful Thailand," he tweeted on his first day.

"Good Day, Bangkok. I'm pleased to finally be here and can't wait to get started."

And then, after meeting with the staff at the US Embassy, he tweeted: "Great welcome from my team! Looking forward to leading this talented mission."

The US Embassy announced yesterday that Davies arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday. "I look forward to getting to know, listening to, and learning from people throughout the Kingdom. Through them, I hope to understand Thailand's rich traditions and culture. My goal is to deepen understanding between our people and to work together to enhance our mutual security and prosperity," Davies said in a statement.

Davies has 35 years of diplomatic experience. He previously served as a senior adviser at the US Department of State's Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs - a position he held since 2014.

Prior to that, he was the lead US envoy in North Korea negotiations and held senior leadership positions in the State Department. He also served as the US representative to the Vienna Office of the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency, principal deputy assistant secretary of state, and deputy assistant secretary of state.

His previous overseas assignments included postings in the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Zaire.

The US ambassador's post in Bangkok had been vacant since the departure in November of Davies's predecessor, Kristie Kenney.

The void was filled by US charge d'affaires Patrick Murphy, who had been summoned by the post-coup government several times for perceived meddling by the US in Thailand's internal affairs.

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