Little Chef for Change

The “Little Chef” team from BioThai Foundation’s Food for Change project, along with the Thai-PAN team, joined the 10th National Health Assembly on 20-23rd December 2017. Attending the event enabled sharing information about the chemical residues that Thai-PAN identified in popular vegetables. Event participants were interested in learning about the research, particularly in terms of the health impacts of consuming vegetables contaminated with agricultural chemicals. Most people who stopped by the booth were eager to add their names to two ongoing petitions: one to ban paraquat and restrict the use of glyphosate, and the other to establish a legal mechanism for banning toxic agricultural chemicals based on health risks.

The “Little Chef” team complemented this effort through offering samples of delicious local recipes, made with sustainable ingredients. In addition to showcasing the diversity of local food, the team shared information about the origins of the ingredients. For instance, the team was using rice from Yasothon Province, limes from Songkla Province, and peanuts from Chiang Mai Province. Giving information about the origins of the various items aimed to increase participants’ awareness about selection of sustainably-produced ingredients. The team also discussed the importance of eating seasonal vegetables. In this way, participants learned healthy recipes made with local ingredients, while also appreciating local food as an expression of the cultural diversity of Thailand.