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Tree vegetables: Perennials for a long life and sustainable planet

Oct 03, 2018

There are many ways to campaign for food security, but perhaps the simplest, most direct method we can each use on our own is to expand our knowledge about the ingredients that we put into our food.  This begins with knowing their names, the characteristics of their flavours, where they are found

Join Us for the Grand Opening of Growing Diversity Shop&Café by FoodforChange!

May 01, 2018
Growing Diversity Shop&Cafe

Our FoodforChange project is celebrating the opening of its own shop on Monday, May 7th. If you’re a fan of our delicious shrimp paste, fish sauce, sugar, and other sustainable products from our network – or if you would like to try them out for the first time – please stop by!

A Look Inside the New Office

Feb 14, 2018

We are excited to share that we are in the process of moving to a new office location this month. The move to our new centre known as “Growing Diversity Park” or GD Park for short, will give us more space not only for our ongoing work but for new activities as well.

Update from Chiang Mai: Community Maize Breeders

Jan 06, 2018

Members of the Maize Breeders’ Cooperative group in Phrao District, Chiang Mai Province, are currently planting maize in order to breed new varieties of corn well-suited to the local area. In the process, they are developing skills in corn breeding, under the training and guidance of Dr.


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